Webinar 6 – Making Open Science Work for You

Making Open Science Work for You

Najla Retteberg, University of Gottingen (Germany) & Tim Smith, CERN (Switzerland)

02 July 2019, h. 4:30-5:15 PM CET

Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/quantumsorter/

This joint presentation will cover the importance of Open Science within research.

It will explain how Zenodo works and how CERN is working to support Open Science.

The presentation will also cover services for Open Science and the work of OpenAIRE within the context of European Commission Open Science policy.

About the Speakers

Najla Rettberg is the  Scientific Manager of the OpenAIRE Advance.

She is a librarian with extensive experience in open access, open science, e- infrastructures and digital preservation. An Arabist by training, she has also worked as a consultant for a range of institutions including King’s College London, the Digital Preservation Coalition and OCLC.

Tim Smith is Head of Collaboration, Devices and Applications Group at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory.

Tim is an Open Science advocate leading initiatives at CERN and in the wider science community. He drove the launch of CERN’s Open Data Portal to share Large Hadron Collider big data with the world, as well as the Higgs Boson webcast which shared its discovery live around the globe. He also instigated and nurtures Zenodo within the European Commission’s OpenAIRE project as an open data service for world-wide science. Tim came to CERN at the end of the 80s, obtained a PhD in Particle Physics and performed research at the Large Electron-Positron accelerator for 10 years. He then joined the CERN IT Department to lead teams innovating in computing farm management and physics data management.

This is a Q-SORT outreach event in collaboration with CERN and OpenAIRE