Q-SORT starts a collaboration with Audic-Rizk Photographic Artwork

Julie Audic (France 1973) and Christian Rizk (Lebanon 1971) are architects. They met in Venice, Italy during their architectural studies. Both laureates of the Japanese Monbushô Prize, they spent five years in Tokyo where they developed a singular photographic approach they called Intensive Photography. This technique excludes any retouching, filter, or digital manipulation. It relies on inverse chromatics and long exposure. It consists of capturing the dynamic intensities of spaces and events instead of their static decors. It explores the limits of rational reproduction and tends to photographic abstraction. Photography seems to mutate into painting inviting us to unveil the imaginary and the poetic preserved at the core of any reality.

A special abstract picture inspired by and based on Q-SORT imagery was studied together with the PI and has been released this year. The image title is Electron Vortex. The corresponding website/showcase is: http://www.lorinware.fr/audic-rizk/bio/

The electrons in a vortex rotate even if stationary, a contradiction
that can only work in Quantum Mechanics

The wavefront of an electron vortex beam is winding like a staircase.