Q-SORT 2019 Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon






Q-SORT 2019 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

4 July 2019 –  h. 16:15-18:30
5 July 2019 – h. 13:30 -18:30

Bibliothek room
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
Staudtstraße 2, 91058, Erlangen (Germany)

The Q-SORT Project – A new Measurement Paradigm in Electron Microscopy (H2020-FETOPEN) organizes its second Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

The goal of this event was to edit and update descriptions in Wikipedia of concepts such as electron vortex beams, two slit experiments with electrons and synthetic holography, where information gaps currently exist (see below). The event is organised in collaboration with Wikimedia Italia.

The Q-SORT Wikipedia Edit-a-thon is meant for anybody who uses Wikipedia and we invites scientists, researchers and Ph.D students to participate. It is a great occasion to learn how Wikipedia works and get together.

What do the Edit-a-thon’s participants bring?

  • Their laptops(and a chargers!)
  • Their Wikipedia login details (same of them created a free account here)
  • Their enthusiasm to help contribute to the world’s greatest encyclopaedia


Articles wishlist

Pages to be created ex-novo:

A new page like “Sorter (physics)” should be created [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbital_angular_momentum_of_light and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbital_angular_momentum_multiplexing]

  • Electron synthetic hologram  
  • Kinoform 

Pages to be expanded/improved:

Info be put somewhere (find the right Wikipedia entry):

Pages to be checked for expansion or corrections:

  • Coherence

Coffee and tea are provided by the Q-SORT Project


Hugo Larocque, Ido Kaminer, Vincenzo Grillo, Gerd Leuchs, Miles J. Padgett, Robert W. Boyd, Mordechai Segev and Ebrahim Karimi  ‘Twisted’ electrons CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS, 1-19 (2018)

Jérémie Harris, Vincenzo Grillo, Erfan Mafakheri, Gian Carlo Gazzadi, Stefano Frabboni, Robert W. Boyd and Ebrahim Karimi Nature Physics (2015) 11,629

KY Bliokh, IP Ivanov, G Guzzinati, L Clark, R Van Boxem, A Béché, R Juchtmans, MA Alonso, P Schattschneider, F Nori, J Verbeeck Theory and applications of free-electron vortex states Physics Reports 690, 1-70 (2017)

 S. M. Lloyd, M. Babiker, G. Thirunavukkarasu, and J. Yuan Electron vortices: Beams with orbital angular momentum Rev. Mod. Phys. 89, 035004 (2017)

Alessandro Marchetti – Expert Wikimedia User and researcher (aka the person who runs the edit-a-thon)

Bibliometric profile: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q40012786

Alessandro Marchetti

Expert Wikimedia user, member of WikiDonne user group, WikiClassics user group, Wikimedia Italia, Wikimedia CH, Wikimedia Sweden, Wikimedia Portugal, coordinator for Wiki Loves Monuments in Tuscany, main coordinator for Wiki Science Competition 2017 and 2019, participant in various edit-a-thons in different fields (Embassy of Sweden in Rome, Uffizi Gallery, Goethe Institut Milan, Adolphe Merkle Institute Fribourg, ETH Zuerich, NOVA SBE Library Lisbon).