Access to Q-SORT open data and publications

In December 2013, the European Commission announced their commitment to open data through the Pilot on Open Research Data, as part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

The Pilot’s aim is to “improve and maximise access to and re-use of research data generated by projects for the benefit of society and the economy”.  Results of publicly-funded research should thus be made more easily accessible, for the benefit of researchers, innovative industry, and citizens.

Q-SORT is taking part in the Pilot on Open Research Data. To this end, the Q-SORT Consortium chose to make use of ZENODOa free general-purpose open-access repository developed under the European OpenAIRE program and operated by CERN.

ZENODO allows researchers to upload data sets, research software, reports, and any other research-related digital artefact. For each submission, a persistent Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is minted, which makes the stored items easily citable.

A comprehensive list of the uploaded Q-SORT files is available for download from the Q-SORT Community on ZENODO.

Q-SORT stores on ZENODO the following types of files:

  • open data sets
  • open access and non-open access research articles
  • articles on Q-SORT
  • Q-SORT deliverables.

The data collected by the Q-SORT Community is periodically curated and uploaded in collaboration with the OpenAire Team.